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Our wide range of
home automation

Do you know?
A 5 minute of water over flow causes wastage of an average 200 liters
of water every day and a wastage of energy enough to power up 11
units of 9 Watt LED bulb for an hour.
APC11 | Automatic Water Pump Controller
-MCB protection
-4 mode operation
-4-level indication
-Supports 0.5-2HP water pumps
-Sealed sensor
APC11-ECO | Automatic Water Pump Controller
-Economical version of APC11
-2-Mode operation
-Auto-Manual selection switch
-Supports 0.5-2HP water pumps
-Supports any float switch
APC21 | Starter Panel Automatic Controller
4-level indicatoion
-Supports all push button type starter panel
-Supports 0.5-2HP starter panel
-Sealed sensor
Smart Switches
-Modular Wi-Fi Switches
-Modular Touch Switches
-Modular IR-Remote Switches
-IoT switches
-All in one switches

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